Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July

Today was by far my favorite day we've had so far at SEI. The Fourth of July is
always a big deal here in Sewanee, and I am so glad I got the chance to take part in

The first event of the celebration was the dog show this morning, and although I
slept in and missed it, I heard that it was adorable. The show mainly consisted of
dogs from the surrounding neighborhoods, dressed up by their families and competing
to win a giant trophy. The show also sponsored the local animal shelter, which had
its own booth there selling t-shirts ands other merchandise.

Once I was up, I went with my friends to the crafts fair, which lined University
Avenue near our dorm, and we had a great time browsing the wares of local merchants.
Their products ranged from jewelry and clothing to pottery and art, and a few booths
even sold items as obscure as Native American styled bows and matching quivers.

After we shopped for a while at the fair, the time came for the parade to begin.
Various cars and floats began to pass by while those riding within threw candy and
small souvenirs to the crowd.

Finally, after the parade was long over, we made our way to Lake Cheston to hear
local musicians perform and watch the firework show. The show was the perfect way to
end the day, and as the fireworks lit the sky, I couldn't help thinking how much I
would miss this place when it was time to leave.


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