Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another busy day at SEI

Today started out with an early breakfast, then everyone headed out into raging heat with their field gear on. Group A headed out to the archeological site to dig up old forks, bits of bone metal and glass, survey the land, and sift for treasures (and by treasures I mean rusty nails). Somehow in the midst of all these exciting adventures, a group of us got a bit lost and ended up hiking the perimeter trail for quite a good bit. I would know… After a lovely lunch we headed back out along the fire trail, this time to measure trees! We divided up into groups and measured and counted a variety of trees in a forest plot recently restored by the Sewanee forestry department. After a wonderful meeting with the cross country coach, dinner, a free concert downtown, the games began! A hilarious time was had by all, followed by hand-churned ice cream. In short, it was a splendid day!


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