Monday, July 2, 2012

Taking a dip, sharing a laugh

Monday started bright, early and anticipated as we suited up for canoeing at the GORGEOUS lake Dimmick.  We paired up and set out paddling although we only canoed for about twenty minutes, because it didn’t take long at all for the tipping to start. I was this first one to be thrown into the cold lake water and was followed immediately by our two girl counselors, Ellie and Margaret.  This resulted in a tipping war that ended with soaked clothes, missing sunglasses and abandoned paddles.  IT WAS SO FUN!

Our final session of the day took place in the computer lab in Spencer Hall where Dr. Van de Ven taught us how create maps using a GIS. This was especially interesting, because the maps we constructed were of the King farm (a farm we will have to analyze, determine why it survived during the Great Depression, and then later present our hypotheses to the group).

Today at dinner a couple of us decided to eat outside and it was so nice and refreshing due to the (finally back to normal) cool weather. We finished dinner quickly and spent the rest of our time joking and talking.  It’s so crazy how you can force different people from different places to live together and those people (who would have never interacted with otherwise) become your best friends that laugh together, play together and somehow find a sweet harmony together. Here, during this unique experience, everyone not only gets along, but can’t wait for any chance to hang out and just chat with their new found friends. I can’t wait to see what this new week brings!


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