Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day twelve.. the last day

Day twelve…the last day…the grand finale…expectations were low, but emotions were high. A later start allowed everyone to be at the top of their game. We spent the morning converting the research we gathered the day before into a power point to be presented in front of all of the other SEI campers. About three people from each of the five groups worked hard to get the work done while everyone else enjoyed themselves on the computers. After lunch, we had some free time and most people took a much needed break from the grueling work. About an hour later, we reconvened in a large lecture hall to show off our hard work. Every presentation was a success, as for the first time, all five groups solved the mystery of the King Farm. Afterwards, it was time for celebration. We had our final family dinner, which was very bittersweet. Many different emotions were mixed as we enjoyed yet another fine meal in the McClurg dining hall. Following dinner, we displayed our many talents such as dancing, singing, playing the harmonica, and violin. Our wonderful counselors, Ellie, Margaret, and J Mickey presented each camper with an individual award highlighting a unique aspect of their character. Afterwards, we all went on our final hike as a group. Our night hike was very somber. Even the sight of the elusive manders could not lift the spirits of the group, for we all knew this may be our last activity together. Our hike concluded at Lake Cheston where we all gathered around a campfire and roasted marshmallows. As the embers in the fire died, the weight of the next day’s departures fell upon the campers. The night was spent reminiscing and many stories were shared as everyone knew the past twelve days had changed them.

Connor Maguire and Nazik Elmekki

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