Monday, July 2, 2012

Big day for a Monday

Big day for a Monday. We discovered this morning before breakfast that our groups had changed...sad face. So to be quite honest today has been kinda weird because the group dynamic isn't the same as it's been the days. But so far it's been very good!

We started this morning on our kinda mystery project of finding out what the story behind the King's Farm. We used a GIS (don't ask me what it stands for, I don't remember) system to mess with all the picture maps to see that over time that place was used for farming and then pine tree harvesting it looks far. Strange. Anyways, after a yummy lunch we had a talk with the director of Environmental Science and he basically tried to recruit us for Sewanee (and let me tell you it was verrryyy tempting!)

Group A (the one I'm in) :D got to go canoeing this afternoon!!! It was SOOOO much fun!!! The guys were tipping everyone left and right, but my group luckily got away...for a while. Eventually we got tipped about 4 times. It was super fun though :D.

After dinner tonight we shall go on a night hike, basically a nightmare of invisible snakes and writhing poison ivy for me and a relaxing moonlit stroll for the rest of the group. YIKES! If anyone is actually reading this, we are amassing more bruises and scrapes every day, though no poison ivy or tick bites yet thank heavens. Emma and Clark are doing better with there cuts from the bike crash a few days ago, and are healing more and more every day. I can't speak for EVERYONE...but for the most part we all are having SO much fun and already becoming a bit sad about this whole thing coming to an end. Sniff sniff :'(


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