Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Joe's Recap of the week

          Instead of writing about only one of my days here at Sewanee, I wanted to point out the highlights of my last week and a half. We have done several hikes, some more challenging than others, and learned a lot in our field studies about trees, rocks, and the history of Sewanee. We were also given the opportunity to uncover several ancient artifacts, many of which were over 100 years old. We discovered artifacts such as nails, buttons, and even bones. And although we learned a lot, and had some fun, the unforgettable experiences we will never forget were created in free time as we bonded together to make lifelong friends.
          Our SEI camp has the best counselors. We have Mama Ellie who’s always fun to mess with but keeps things in line. Marge in charge, who is not really in charge, but is always fun to talk to. And John Michael, a cool mountain man with a good sense of humor and for some reason is obsessed with red legos. Another crowd favorite is Blanton. Blanton is hard to describe in words but he will always make you laugh with one of his famous raps. I’m glad I have had a chance to get to know him better through these couple of weeks. Everyone has also had a great time making smores, playing catch phrase, and just hanging out, getting to know each other during free time. I’ll never forget the fun jam sessions Devonte, Ryan, and I had, or the classic tale of Clark. Or the fun times I had hanging out with Giv, Olivia, and Kristel along with my other friends. I also got to know Rhett; a good swimmer/ rock climber, who always seemed to be short on shirts, but was a really cool guy. Also a shout out to Iain, the chilliest roommate ever and the rest of the bros that have made this camp so much fun: Wes, Jed, Connor, Martin, Ben, and Zack.
I also just wanted to thank Rachael for planning this whole camp and making it such a memorable experience. I am so happy I decided to come. I want to thank everyone, and let them know that they really have had an impact on my life and I hope that we can all keep in touch.


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