Friday, July 8, 2011

A day of firsts!

Today Group A went to an Archaeological dig! Although I didn't find anything, some groups found silverware, parts of book, and completely intact bottles! For me, the most exciting part of the day was peeing in the woods for the first time. It's hard to find a good spot to use the bathroom in the middle of a forest because you have to look out for poison ivy, thorn bushes, people, and other creatures. Fortunately I did not encounter any of these things! I also had another first today. Palmer found a tick on my shoulder! It was really creepy knowing that a tick was sucking my blood, but Milena and Maren got most of the tick out of me, then when we got back to Hoffman, Maren got the rest out. Tonight we went to the archaeologists' house to roast marshmellows to make s'mores and have a dance party. Milena had never had a s'more before, so she got to have an interesting experience making one even though she hated it! During the dance party, many new dance moves were invented including the wheelchair, the itch, the flaming torches, and my personal favorite, the shake and bake. Tomorrow, we are canoeing and rock climbing! I can't wait!


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