Thursday, July 7, 2011

Musings and Music

Hello Parents or other people interested in the SEI 2011 camp!

Currently speaking is Tadhg Young, with my roommate Graham Turbayne (awesome name, right?).
As I write this I am listening to Journey's Separate Ways, perfect for blogging! Now onto the more important stuff, like things that actually have to do with the camp.

Today was great. We studied the snail populations in certain areas around the campus. This was done by dividing the entire SEI camp members into 5 groups and having them choosing random plots of land in either urban (well as urban as this campus can get), suburban, and exurban (the area between rural and the suburbs). At one point I had about 8 snails on my hand, the level of slime was pretty epic. Our professor was Dr. Haskell. He liked snails, but more importantly he was BRITISH!. The accent was amazing. Oh also, I believe the exurbs had the most snails.

Okay now I'm hearing Hotel California, Graham has great song choice. So what happened next?

We all went to a large reservoir, cleverly referred to by our counselors as "the res". This was awesome. Rope swings. Random adrift docks that sank with too much weight. we all started to push people off the dock until someone got hurt. Then we continued to push people off the dock, just without that person. Truly twas a wondrous time we all had.

Finally we finished with a concert from Dr. Evans son's band The Culprits, and they were really talented, and rocked the house so hard the music camp directors were complaining. Now that's what I call music.

Well that's all for this blog entry,i'm gonna go finish listening to Dream On.

We're tired, hungry, aching, but most of all happy.

Bye parents!


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