Thursday, July 7, 2011

Friends... who knew?

I remember watching all twenty-nine of us running and dashing to McClurg dining hall. An array of colors- blue, pink, green, beige, and orange- caught my eyes as the boys pushed and shoved. The girls walked along at a more relaxed pace. Metal forks and plates crashed together. It was a rush for food. A rush to regain energy. A rush to sit among friends. That’s what we have grown to be in a number of days, true lifelong friends. We all sat and chatted our lives away. Not at all paying heed to our sore muscles, and our extreme intense hike to Buggytop Cave. We were a time of relaxation and reconnection. Little did we know that our night was also going to be exciting!

That same night after dinner, we gathered at Spencer for a game night. That alone sounded fun but the night took an interesting turn of events. As we sat waiting to receive further instructions from Mary Beth, Charlotte, and Trevor, we managed to have fun just sitting there. Laughter filled the hall as we all caught up with each other and told embarrassing tales about what happened in the groups. Eventually, we all separated in groups of types of game. The three popular games of that night were: Charades, The Battle of the Sexes and Spit. While playing Spit, there was a frenzy of hand slapping and Jeannie and Scott seemed to be in an intense match against each other. Neither would admit defeat. But for the most part, The Battle of the Sexes was the ultimate team builder game. Guys against girls, naturally the girls won but it was a fun process to see the faces of the boys, when a question about what a corset was. There was the occasional mind teaser for the girls when it came to cars but overall a fun night. And yet, it never crossed our minds that the next day was July 4th because we were too busy simply having a good time or trying bubble tea for the first time or trying to dance to Spanish music.


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