Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cavemen (and women!)

Today, Group B (B stands for Better) attended a lecture by Dr. Willis. He talked about geographic history and the topography of the plateau. And made jokes frequently. He was fun. After our lecture, we went out into the field to look at historic "all-weather springs" and other structures used during history. Then we hiked down Piney Point and explored an abandoned coal mine. I promise it was much more fun than I'm making it sound. We ground up coal, painted our faces, and reverted to our primal cavemen states. There are pictures. After lunch, our group walked to the low ropes course on campus and began a series of trust/obstacle course activities. There were ropes, spider webs, big rope swings, and a platform that we did a trust-fall with. It made us think, and problem solve, and lots of other things of the sort. Now, let me explain. I'm not fantastic at writing, and I'm making this all sound exceedingly boring. We have all had a fantastic time so far, and we're all becoming close friends. But anyway, I miss you, family (Susan, Garland, Zippy, Jax, Chere, etc.), and I hope you have fun for these two weeks without me!

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