Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sewanee Fairytale

Once upon a time, there were thirty teenagers from all over the United States of Good Ol' America (plus Bulgaria!)
We all met one-by-one, trying to remember characteristics about the person to associate with their names. After icebreakers, card games (Egyptian War), a very large game of Apples to Apples we all were able to get to know each other very well. Currently, we are in the common room, all hanging out-- enjoying everyone's company :)

Addy is currently serenading us with her ukulele and her wonderful singing :)

With Professor Smith (he told us to call him Smith), we learned about indicator species and certain objects that can enable us to predict a rough road map of where buildings, houses, churches, schools, etc. used to be. We used our new journals to make the list. There were glass bottles, an old football helmet and so much that could tell us so much about the history of the land. Smith even discussed to us the importance and coincidences of the Fibonacci Series, and how it occurs in nature. (As evident in the crucifix-like leaves of the Post Oak tree).

Then lunch!

Caroline fell today. She sprained her ankle and it was a very sad day...and as I write this, due to the lack of ice in the building, she is icing her poor ankle with a frozen concentrated limeade. But it's okay, she had a fun day! YAY.
It was during our second hike of the day with Dr. Evans. It was really really really really really really hard and intensive for our small unable bodies :( Dr. Evans was a really interesting and fun person to be around. He knew everything about everything in the forest!
We learned a lot in the field-- such as identifying different types of species (white oak, a cave cricket, tulip poplar, basswood, buckeye, and even a scorpion!!) We encountered dusky salamanders, and even the habitat of the rare green salamander.

After dinner, we met a kitty named Muffins/Tim who followed us on our adventure to get frozen yogurt at Sweet CeCe's. Passing by the locals, Southern hospitality was definitely evident in this small, community-based town.

Bellies full of good frozen yogurt, we headed over to our dorm at Hoffman Hall (where we are now!). A handful of ambitious students headed out on the bikes reserved for SEI. A few were determined to find Jane's great uncle's grave right here in Sewanee-- she has a lot of history in this town. :)

Also, apparently we had rocking chairs missing from our dorm, so our counselor Charlotte took us on a little journey, while Caroline brought her cheese balls to share.

SO much happened today, but rest assured, it was a very productive day. I don't quite remember every detail of the day, but it was a very great experience in Sewanee!

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