Monday, July 5, 2010

Trees, Trust and Teamwork

Today, I went with counselors Katie and Nathan to the woods. There, we played many games that involved trees, trust, and teamwork. (Wow, that’s three t’s)! We helped each other swing across a chasm of lava, climb a wall, get everyone on a small island, get from tree to tree on tightropes, and we even did the trust fall. I think that these exercises strengthened us as a group.

After lunch, we went on a hike with history professor Dr. Willis through Abbo’s Alley and followed the Beckwith and Piney Point trails. We stopped to see the very cool inside of a coal mine. Dr. Willis told us that some of the structures, even this university, were made mostly out of sandstone and have been around for many years. He also told us how the university began and how the lives of people who lived in this area worked many years ago. This hike was very interesting and educational. Overall, today was a very fun day and I can’t wait to have more!

Katie Depperschmidt

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