Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just a typical day at SEI

Today we hiked down into Lost Cove with Dr. Haskell. We had our eyes peeled for the rare tiger snail species among the limestone outcroppings. On the way we encountered snake skin, mountain laurel, buckeye, sour wood, yellow wood, bass wood, witch hazel, raccoon tracks, sycamore, walking ferns, iron wood, sweet gum, and many other species. We found hand fulls of snails and snail shells, and a lucky few SEIers found some of the rare striped tiger snails. On the hike out we found hundreds of delicious red raspberries and I found an arrow head. It is very interesting to think about all the people that have lived here before us. Back on campus we completed the day with swimming, bike riding, and star gazing. Just the typical kind of SEI experience.

Thomas Walters

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