Monday, July 5, 2010

Limestone and Kidney Stones

Today we went snail hunting in Lost Cove. It was a very long walk and we had tons of fun walking down the side of the plateau!!! Once we got to the bottom of the plateau we walked through a riverbed, which was very challenging but fun! We were looking for the rare tiger snail… we found a few but not much. They mostly live in the limestone rock.

This weekend was very fun as well. On Saturday we walked around the arts and crafts show. There were some EXTREMELY cute puppies that we were all tempted to take home! After that we went to the parade and hung out for the rest of the day until our scavenger hunt at night. On Sunday some of us went to church and out to breakfast but we all met up at one o’clock for a hike to Fiery gizzard where we went cliff jumping and swimming! Then we all got back and headed out the see the fireworks show at Lake Cheston which was great!

And Clark Courtney passed her kidney stone!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Durkan

(editor's puppies will be coming home on Saturday)

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