Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A run to the "Pig"

Tuesday morning we headed out with Dr. Smith to examine the species of white pine and loblolly pine which are invasive in the Domain’s forest and the method that Sewanee faculty, students, and alumni are testing to discourage the spread of these pine species and encourage native species and biodiversity which are thinning. The forested areas on the Domain are home to many species that depend on natural fire disturbances in order to grow and reproduce (Oak for example). Sewanee is currently experimenting with controlled burning on the Domain, which we examined and discussed with Dr. Smith. Although the areas have been burned fairly recently, there are already some signs that the controlled burning might prove successful.

We had a super fun and chill afternoon, visiting Professor Haskell’s home, the Sewanee student’s organic garden, the local farmer’s market, and making a trip to the Piggly Wiggly for snackage. Dr. Haskell and his wife run their home in an effort to live “green” and in accordance with sustainability practices. They have their own organic garden, and raise ducks, goats and rabbits. All of us SEI students found their home to be incredibly well thought out, efficient, but mostly fun. The Haskells are also currently raising a woodpecker which they found injured, and recently adopted a new puppy!

Maddie Divine

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