Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Swimming at the Res

A lazy Sunday was welcomed after an eventful Fourth of July. Most of us rolled out of bed around ten and made our way to Stirling's for a quick breakfast, and some coffee. Later that day, due to threatening skies we resorted to the Fowler Center to pursue our athletic interests. Some ventured to the tennis courts for a friendly game, or to the weight room to pump iron, however most of us ended up participating in an interesting game of soccer. There was a wide range of ability level represented in this particular game, ranging from Hannah who had not played since kindergarten, to Will and Doug who did their best not to mow anyone over on their way to an upper ninety shot on goal. All in all the teams worked together to find a good balance, and if nothing else were interesting to watch. After an eventful experience in the Fowler Center, we decided to venture to the Reservoir for a swim.

Despite the overcast sky almost every member of SEI jumped from the Sewanee conglomerate (rock) into the refreshing water of the Reservoir. Once everyone was in the water the fun was able to start. Between the rope swing, Frisbee, and “dock rocking,” there was something for everyone. On the dock in the middle of the Res was an active game of four square, which ended in what has been duped “dock rocking.” This particular activity consists of as many people as possible flooding to one side of the dock and essentially sinking it, while being careful not to fall off. This proceeds as soon as someone decides to make a move to a different side of the dock, followed by everyone else, and their weight, resulting in a seesaw like motion. After everyone had sufficiently tired themselves out, we made our way back to the vans. However, a day at the Res would not have been complete without a belly flop contest. The SEI campers are proud to report that one of our own, Will Vaughn’s stomach was more red than Bentley’s and
thus he brought home to gold for the campers.

-Ellie Renner

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