Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 5

Friday we went to do some research on plants and find their photosynthesis rates and make hypothesizes about the sun's effect on plants low to the ground and up in the canopy. The coolest part of the day was when we got to climb up into this awesome tree house and walk around with harnesses. The tree house was 60 feet high and the crows nest was 75! It was pretty scary to look down and also when someone would shake it! Once we were done with the canopy we went on the ground and wrote in our journals and talked about why we think some trees grow better up high compared to the ones down low. We also measured the stress/water tensions in plants by cutting a leaf and putting it inside this pressure bomb box with nitrogen inside. Then, when you turn it on it pressurizes and little water droplets come out of the stem. After that we got back in the van and went to McClurg for LUNCH!

Friday night we had a fun little mixer with the Young Writers! So we all got dressed up and went to Lake Cheston to see THE CULPRITS! It's a boys band and two of them are Dr. Evans' sons. They are actually pretty amazing and their songs are on iTunes! At first no one would go up and dance but when the writer's camp came down everyone started dancing. They sang songs like superstition, and steady as she goes, also Jason Mraz, OAR, and even Dave Matthews... We got to meet a bunch of new kids that were at other Sewanee camps and also some local kids that are our age, which was pretty cool. We even danced on stage until they got mad because someone unplugged the drum set thing, but other than that, it was pretty crazy. We had way better dance moves (especially Hannah!) than the writer. Everyone behaved though, so don't fret. After the concert was over we all went back to Hoffman and watched movies and ate leftover cupcakes from Will's birthday (Mrs. Noggle - Will has been eating them for breakfast!) Then we all went to bed.


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