Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Snails and Culprits

Today our group went down the side of the plateau to look at birds and snails. We had to get up early so we could bike to the location. The hike down wasn’t bad we had to do a lot of climbing. Our guide was Dr. Haskell who teaches a class on birds and enjoys studying snails. We climbed to different levels looking for snails. The further down we went the more snails we could find. We also listened for some birds on the way down.

When we got to the bottom we searched for snails for a while then we finished we climbed around on the rocks and looked at waterfalls. Gaby found a turtle shell. We ate lunch before we made the climb back up to the top. The climb up wasn’t nearly as easy as going down. We went up a steep slope and had to climb several waterfalls. Then once we got to the top we had to make the journey on bike back.

Later that night we went to a concert for a band called The Culprits. It was really fun. There was another group of young writers there as well. The band was really good and we ran around and through a Frisbee. After the concert we headed back to Hoffman and watched some TV.


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