Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 4

Today we woke up early and went to breakfast. The bacon, eggs and hash browns were delicious! Dr. Smith, a forestry professor at the University of the South, took us to Lake Odonnell in Sewanee. At Lake Odonnell recent clearing of trees has occurred. The clearing was done to try bringing the Oak population back as the dominate tree in the area instead of the Red Maple. We took measurements on the height and the amount of trees growing back in three different locations: the edge, clearing, and forest. After finishing all of the measurings, Dr. Smith took us to the edge of the lake where we collected so many salamanders. After returning from Lake Odonnell we grabbed some lunch at McClurg. We then headed to the low ropes course. At the low ropes course we did some team building exercises. We helped each other climb a 10 foot wall. We also built team spirit working together to pass through a maze of wires. We also did trust falls. This is where one person stands on a platform and falls backwards. The team stands as a group to catch the person. It was pretty scary falling back. Luckily, the other students could be trusted and successfully caught us. We came back and did this blog and chilled for a bit until Team B returned from hiking and swimming at the Fiery Gizzard.

-Doug and Kevin

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