Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lessons to learn

Today on my adventure I did many things. My first adventure was a early morning bird watch. I learned that many different types of birds have their own little song that they sing. I also learned about different bird species and their habitats. One really important thing that I learned in the bird watch is soundscape. Soundscape is a combination of sounds that interact with the environment. These sounds can be birds chirping, wind blowing, cars moving or even people walking or talking. I found this quite amazing. My second journey was a low ropes course, a team building activity. We had to help each other cross the bouncy, yet sturdy wire. This showed me that team work is very important in the environment. My last journey was habitats of the domain. I learned that Sewanee is in a stage 2 drought, Which causes soil to dry up and trees to lose their nutrients. We also looked at certain sites and made a scientific hypothesis on why these sites were in the condition they were in. We hiked to the top of Piney Point and saw the mountains and the beautiful horizon. We searched for salamanders and learned how they store their eggs and mate. We observed a pond with crawfish, butterflies and many other different creatures. Today was the best day of my journey here at Sewanee so far, but there are many more lessons to come that i am excited to learn about.


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